Beyond Feminine

My name is Ingeborg and I am the designer and founder of Beyond Feminine Activewear.

Having worked as a Personal Trainer for women for many years, and tried in frustration and futility to find the ultimate sports legging for my needs, I decided to design my own!

I began my journey by interviewing girls and women in my network, followed by an online survey, to make sure I had a concise and clear answer to what girls is looking for when they decide to invest in leggings.

It was immediately apparent that I wasn’t the only one struggling to find the perfect design, and almost everyone I talked to had the exact same problems as I did...

Too low in the waist - see-through and transparent - sags in the wrong places - “cameltoe” - flat butt syndrom - too noisy pattern - visible cellulite - not enough hold-in and compression in the right places…

These were some of the complaints I got through my surveys, and they resonated perfectly with my own frustrations.

With all of these comments in the back of my mind, it has become my quest to build a brand of clothing that women can trust, relate to, and feel great in!

The research and development process has taken me about 2 years now, and it has involved a lot of trial and error, testing and adjustments - but I can finally begin to say that I’m happy with the end result.

I am happy and proud to finally present The Feminine Figure - Seamless Legging. I hope you love it!