Beyond Feminine

Training program

299,00 kr

Training program

The Beyond Feminine 1.0 program is for you who want to have more energy, and build a strong and feminine figure the smart and enjoyable way!

The program shows you a flexible approach to your training and nutrition, and is easy and fun!



- 8 week program divided into two different phases

- Special focus on building the legs, butt, and shoulders 

- 3 strength workouts per week + one optional cardio workout

Each session has a duration of approximately 45 minutes

- Optional exercises allows you to customize your training according to your training experience and needs

- Video-based exercise guide



- Guidelines on how to customize your training according to daily readiness

- Diet tips and simple meal suggestions



- Access to a gym with basic equipment (dumbbells/barbells, bench, squat rack)

- A smartphone or a computer to open the the program on (PDF-based) 

You can purchase this program in Norwegian or English. The program will be sent to you by email, as a downloadable file immediately after ordering.